Spring is the prime time for plants, so it’s no surprise that stunning gardens attract more emotion in buyers and do result in higher prices as the weather warms up.

Here’s how to increase your property’s value by adding to or improving your existing garden or outdoor space.

Why is a garden important when selling a home in spring?

The benefits of a garden extend well beyond aesthetics, with many buyers attracted to the added functionality and quality of life that green spaces can add to a home. Gardens can often feel like an extra room in nicer weather, offering a place to relax or entertain. Outdoor areas also have great appeal for families, so vendors targeting this buyer demographic will do well if there’s green space for kids to play outside – no matter how small.

From a seller’s perspective, great street appeal is an important aspect for any sale, as it determines whether prospective buyers will attend your inspections or get a positive feeling from the property the minute they set foot in the yard. A home that appears enticing from the street is welcoming and leaves a lasting impression at the end of the viewing.

How much value does a garden really add?

Depending on your location and property the value added to the end result can be significant.

We’ve seen excellent examples of the value add here at The Agency, with the recent sale of 4/6-8 Jaques Avenue in Bondi Beach. This beautiful apartment exceeded vendor expectations, selling before auction. The very simple but beautiful garden terrace in this property was a key factor in this wonderful result.

Three other examples where vendors have chosen to focus their presentation on all things green include:

213 Carrington Road, Coogee: On a deceptively large block set over 373sqm of land this garden is a tropical haven. Created with privacy in mind it has the perfect poolside setting.

21 Castle Street, North Randwick: It may be on a smaller piece of land but its enviable parkside proximity compensates for that. It really makes the most of the three outdoor areas it offers.

305/10 Jaques Avenue, Bondi Beach: This property has two magnificent terraces, one covered with artificial grass, and the second with agaves and potted palms. This has created a stunning outlook from both bedrooms and a magic setting for twilight.

How to improve an existing garden when selling your home

If your property already has a garden or outdoor space, you may be able to focus your attention on maintenance and smaller additions that can increase the home’s value. Start by looking at your property with objective eyes to identify what might be less than appealing for buyers: What’s the view like? Is the garden untidy? Does it needs repairs or painting? Does the space feel enticing?

Some easy and time effective ways to improve may include:

  • Adding an outdoor entertaining space or seating to enjoy the garden area
  • Placing plants along the fence line to make the yard appear larger and more inviting
  • Mowing, weeding, edging the lawns and finishing with high pressure cleaning
  • Adding lawn if your home has family appeal and finishing off with flowers or potted colour next to the front door

If you’re unsure what will add value to your property or in your suburb, speak to your agent before investing in improvements.

What to do when there’s no garden space

If you’re in a unit or townhouse, there may not be room to add a garden, but there are still ways to benefit from the potential added value of any greenery. The most effective strategy is often to import a garden, by bringing in a range of pot plants, artificial grass or even a green wall.

You can also use plants to your advantage to block the view of neighbours’ properties, fences, walls or busy roads, which will also work to create a cosy, private feel. For a sophisticated look that will appeal to the majority of buyers, focus on similar plant types and pots to give the garden uniformity.

Considering adding a garden to a property in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs?

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